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At Summerbrook Dental, we believe Fort Worth should have dentistry as easy, comfortable, and efficient as possible. Specialization in medicine is wonderful, but with dentistry, having to visit 3-5 different specialists to get the work you need done can be overwhelming. That’s why Calvin Eastwood, DDS has devoted his career to mastering most of the procedures across many specialties of dentistry. Often, patients are able to get ALL the dental procedures they need done here Fort Worth at Summerbrook Dental – your One-Stop-Shop.



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Dental Care Services in Fort Worth

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Invisalign Services

If you’re looking to straighten your set of pearly whites, Dr. Eastwood is Invisalign certified and ready to help you achieve your dream smile! Using a series of clear aligners, your teeth will comfortably and gradually shift into place, all without the inconvenience of traditional metal braces.
Straighten Your Smile
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Sedation Services

As a practice, we’re committed to your comfort and understand the magnitude of compassionate, accommodating care. If you’re feeling nervous about your appointment, we offer the most calming sedation options to relieve any dental anxieties and help you feel relaxed throughout your visit.
Enjoy Relaxed Visits
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Dental Implants Services

If your teeth are worn out, damaged, loose, or missing, you know how much your dental health can affect your life. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for good enough when it comes to replacing your teeth! We can help you reclaim a strong, beautiful smile you can feel proud of with dental implants.
Replace your teeth
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Meet Calvin Eastwood, DDS

From his youngest years, Dr. Eastwood has carried a passion for dentistry and uplifting others. Fueled by the desire to create a lasting impact on his community and enjoy work that felt most meaningful to him, he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at the University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Dentistry. With his expertise and warm demeanor, Dr. Eastwood is proudly serving Fort Worth families with quality, kindhearted care. His favorite part about being a dentist is meeting people from all walks of life, building real relationships, and helping patients overcome their dental fears. No matter where you are on your smile journey, you can rest assured you’re in the most caring hands with Dr. Eastwood!
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